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FAO Nightmare

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FAO Nightmare

Post by NorthRed on Thu 9 Feb - 17:23:28

Just want to say well said on your Neil Redfearn post on the BBS!! As is any Barnsley fan is going to consider Redders a traitor for taking a job at Weeds!! He is Mr Barnsley and gave me some of the best moments watching Barnsley ever. He will always be a true Red, just one out on loan at a shit club lol!!
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Re: FAO Nightmare

Post by NIGHTMARE on Thu 9 Feb - 17:44:31

Alright Roy hows tricks ?

For you lot that don't understand what this topic is about someone on the Barnsley forum put............ I suppose if Red Redfearn takes the String a Beads job
some of you forumites will never forgive him / traitor etc etc etc ?

my reply was

He could marry a Pakistani, have 10 kids with her, that all turn out to be terrorist, and he'd still be my hero, for what he did in a tarn shirt i don't think i'll ever see replicated by anyone



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