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Cov v Barnsley

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Cov v Barnsley Empty Cov v Barnsley

Post by NorthRed on Sun 26 Feb - 6:46:21

Well today was probably THE worst football game ever and also our worst performance of the season. We got exactly what we deserved from Cov today.
Now I like Keith Hill but his tactics 2nd half against Birmingham when we went to the long ball game and the tactics today (1 up front against bottom of the league) were absolutely shocking and did'nt ever look like working.
We always look a better side when we play attacking football because we can't defend for toffee. If we'd have played even the slightest bit of attacking football today we would have hammered a poor Coventry side. But no we went for the draw and that style of play just does not work with us.
Not a very happy chap at all tonight.
Shit shit and more shit!
Things need to change for Scabs at home saturday!
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Cov v Barnsley Empty Re: Cov v Barnsley

Post by yorkie64red on Sun 26 Feb - 6:58:41

Yeah thanks for nothing NR... Smile

Cov v Barnsley Animationavataranimated
Cov v Barnsley Jj6a2x

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Cov v Barnsley Empty Re: Cov v Barnsley

Post by RedNinja on Sun 26 Feb - 12:31:41

I didn't go, was listening to it at home on Barnsley Player and it sounded absolutely dreadful..........

I checked the lineup, we were playing SIX (I kid you not...) defenders in our starting 11!

WTF is going on Keith? Against a tremendously poor outfit like Coventry it should have been attack, attack, attack...

Things are not looking good at all and at this rate it doesn't look too long until we'll be joining Donny in the elusive relegation fight. Sad
We need to go back to basics tactics wise.. We've definitely lost the spark we had much earlier in the season.
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Cov v Barnsley Empty Re: Cov v Barnsley

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