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Where would you rather be ?

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Where would you rather be ?  Empty Where would you rather be ?

Post by NIGHTMARE on Sat 7 Apr - 18:13:14

Second in the league with half a dozen games left, Millions in debt, watching
Huddersfield Brentford Bury Oldham Charlton Preston MK Dons Bournemouth Walsall Chesterfield Yeovil Rochdale Colchester Hartlepool Leyton Orient Notts County S****horpe Exeter Tranmere Stevenage
striving all season to win games, against teams who bring 3to600 fans to oakwell, knowing that if we don't go up we'll be having to cut back again on a already poor playing squad, turning up week in week out at Oakwell, hoping and praying for 3 points so we can get promoted to the championship, with a squad of players that have not really set a poor league on fire, knowing that if we do go up, we'll be mid to lower table all season maybe even relegation fighting for 9 months, but anything better then this league, with that lot your playing against week in week, but the standard of footballs not the worst thing about failing to get up, due to over spending in the past 5/10 years another season in that shyte hole could see 10 points docked even more cost cutting and a trip to league 2

Then again it could be even worse you could be

Third in the league with half a dozen games left with the exact some problems as second in the league but with your main rivals above you, looking like going up instead of you, at the first time of asking, having spent one season in this league already times running out and finances are getting tighter and its looking like a summer of wage bill trimming yet again, on a squad that's not been good enough to get out of this league for the last 2 seasons,

Then again it could be even worse you could be

Bottom of the championship where you've been all season getting gates of 8'000 having being playing teams like, Cardiff
Birmingham Bristol City Burnley Coventry Crystal Palace Ipswich Derby Middlesbrough Doncaster Portsmouth Leeds United Peterborough Millwall Leicester Nottm Forest Blackpool Watford Hull West Ham Brighton, knowing that you've been spending way too much on wages and things are that bad you've had to resort to bringing in a dodgy agent to try and help the club, by binging in players who are using the club as a stepping stone, know that around the corner are 6000 gates and Huddersfield Brentford Bury Oldham Charlton Preston MK Dons Bournemouth Walsall Chesterfield Yeovil Rochdale Colchester Hartlepool Leyton Orient Notts County S****horpe Exeter Tranmere Stevenage,

then again you could be

Mid table in the lowest football league, with no manager, a ground with a running track round it, that you've been in for 5 years, that don't even belong to the club, shyte players and the only thing to look forward to is a new stadium that holds 12'000 thats not even going to be 50% full for 99% of the time

Then again you could be looking like staying in the championship for the 6th year running, selling all your best players and still being the best team in South Yorkshire, knowing that the club is running on only the money it brings in, unlike the rest of the teams around you, and doing all this with the lowest season ticket prices around, watching some pretty dreadful football at times and seeing nothing but cheap players coming into the club every transfer window, but still managing to punch above your weight, safe in the knowledge that if the worst come to the worst and we do go down we wont be going into admin or having to sell all our players because we can pay for the team with what's coming in.

Where would you rather be ?  Barsley

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