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Post by NIGHTMARE on Sun 15 Nov - 19:44:18

Manny Pacquiao delivered yet another astonishing performance on Saturday night to batter Miguel Cotto to defeat in Las Vegas and become a seven-weight world champion.

The Filipino phenomenon (now 50-3-2) claimed the WBO welterweight title by reducing Cotto to a bloody mess with a blistering display before referee Kenny Bayless rescued the Puerto Rican and waved the bout off 55 seconds into round 12.

The showdown, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, had been expected to provide Pacquiao with the toughest test of his career.

His wins over Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton in the last 12 months weren't enough for some experts - De La Hoya was weight-drained and Hatton just not good enough at the very top level they said.

But again Manny proved the doubters wrong with a punch-perfect performance that left Cotto (34-2) looking like he'd been hit with a baseball bat.

And now the only real test left is a mouthwatering showdown with Floyd Mayweather Jr, if 'Money' decides to take up the invitation.

On this showing he should get danger money if he does - Pacquiao was that good.

Cotto came out for the first in confident mood, the naturally left-handed fighter spearing out a powerful jab from the orthodox stance.

He took that round, but failed to claim even a share of the spoils for the following eight on my card as Pacquiao turned the tables in astonishing style.

From then on he was the aggressor, the puncher, and an irresistible force.

After looking uncertain and hesitant in the opener, Manny found his rhythm and his range in the second, starting to pepper Cotto with blazing combinations.

Cotto suffered the first of two knockdowns in the third, being caught on the jaw by a Pacquiao right and being forced to touch down.

If that didn't appear to hurt Cotto too badly, what followed in round four definitely did. As he waded recklessly forward firing away, he was caught flush on the chin by a juddering Pacquiao left and decked once again.

This time Miguel was clearly in trouble, and was lucky to make it back to his stool.

Now Cotto was simply in survival mode as Pacquiao used the middle rounds to hammer him from all angles - a never-ending fusillade of punches opening a cut over Miguel's left eye in the process.

By the end of round nine Bayless was looking hard at Cotto in his corner, as the wilting champion spat out blood and stared ahead disconsolately.

Manny appeared to take a breather in the 10th and Cotto - still bravely trying to outbox his opponent - claimed a share of the session on my card.

But in the 11th Manny was back in top gear, again stalking as Cotto circled on the back foot. Even at this late stage Pacquiao's speed was astonishing as he cornered Cotto on the ropes and laid into him.

As the 12th got under way it did seem as though Cotto, after withstanding a terrible beating, would at least get to hear the final bell.

But as Pacquiao again unloaded with the Puerto Rican covering up desperately, Bayless stepped in to wave things off with just over two minutes remaining.

For Pacquiao it was yet another career-best performance to crown his amazing ascent to the top of the fight game.

He began his world-title spree at flyweight, and just over 18 months ago he was still fighting at super-featherweight. Here he was delivering a crushing beating to a bona fide welterweight champion.

For Cotto meanwhile came the awful realisation that sometimes size and power alone just aren't enough. At least not against a phenomenon like Pacquiao

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Post by The Wednesday on Mon 16 Nov - 0:05:24

I actually watched this one as well. Bloody brother coming round to watch boxing and i've been watching it with him.

Amazing how Pacquiao barely had a scratch on him and Cotto looked like he'd been attacked with a baseball bat. Suppose that shows how much Pacquiao was on top.

On another note, has anyone seen how much weight Ricky Hatton has gained? You wouldn't believe that it was only a matter of months ago that he fought Pacquiao.
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