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The Jury's Out

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Will they get sent down ?

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The Jury's Out  Empty The Jury's Out

Post by NIGHTMARE on Fri 27 Jul - 3:16:22


A jury trying three senior IT firm executives accused of misleading the stock market has been sent out to consider its verdicts.

Stephen Graham, 48, Timothy Whiston, 44 and John Whelan, 45, are accused of plotting with 61-year-old Barnsley FC owner Patrick Cryne to create ‘huge discrepancies’ in the publicly published accounts of iSoft Group PLC to deceive investors.

The four allegedly made statements, promises, or forecasts to company directors, auditors, city analysts, and the wider market, about iSoft which they knew to be misleading, false, or deceptive.

They are said to have used a forged contract to claim cash projected revenues from a £44.3m deal with the Irish Health Service were recognised in the firm’s accounts from as early as October 2003, despite the contract not being signed until April 2005.

Cryne is not standing trial alongside Graham, Whiston, and Whelan having become unwell since criminal proceedings began.

All three men deny conspiracy to make misleading statements promises or forecasts, contrary to the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and section 1 of the Criminal Law Act.

Yesterday Judge Anthony Leonard QC sent the jury out to begin its deliberations more than three months after the trial began on April 12.

Cryne and iSoft’s co-founder and former director of operations Graham are said to made themselves multi-millionaires on the back of the alleged conspiracy.

Former chief executive officer Whiston and ex-finance director Whelan are also said to have been motivated by ‘personal financial gain’.

None of the four men have any connection with iSoft today.

The Jury's Out  Barsley

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The Jury's Out  Empty Re: The Jury's Out

Post by Dagenham Rover on Fri 27 Jul - 4:21:10

Haven't a clue, but I'm sending em downcos its someat to do with Barnsley Smile
Dagenham Rover
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The Jury's Out  Empty Re: The Jury's Out

Post by NorthRed on Fri 27 Jul - 5:59:26

The law is all bent and they will get away with it.
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The Jury's Out  Empty Re: The Jury's Out

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