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Hayselden VW back on Barnsley shirt

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Hayselden VW back on Barnsley shirt Empty Hayselden VW back on Barnsley shirt

Post by NIGHTMARE on Thu 5 Jul - 4:24:08

Barnsley Football Club have announced that Hayselden’s are extending their sponsorship with the club.

This coming season Hayselden’s will become the rear-shirt sponsors.

It was 31 years ago when the Hayselden name first appeared on a Barnsley shirt, for the 1981/82 season. They became a regular shirt sponsor in the 1980s and 1990s and throughout the years Hayselden’s and the Managing Director Mike Hayselden (a former Oakwell director) have had strong ties with BFC.

Don Rowing, Director of Barnsley Football Club, said, “It is great news that a local company and one with such a long-standing link with the Club has decided to increase its sponsorship involvement, especially with the 2012/13 season being so important as we celebrate 125 years of football in this great town."

Mike Hayselden (pictured showing the Hayselden logo on the new-look Barnsley shirt) has been a great advocate of the Reds throughout his life and he outlined why he felt that getting the Hayselden name back on the Barnsley shirt again was an important decision.

“I am proud to once again see our company name on the shirts of Barnsley Football Club, especially for the anniversary season. Barnsley Football Club is part of the fabric of this wonderful town and I am delighted we are able to show our message of support for the forthcoming campaign.”

The Hayselden family have had a successful relationship with Volkswagen for over 50 years, as the car manafacturer has become one of the world’s most respected car companies, with a growing reputation in South Yorkshire and within the motoring fraternity.

The Hayselden group is built on solid foundations and values that you would expect from a family-run business, loyalty, dedication and the very highest levels of customer care. Throughout every department you will find people with a warm welcome and a professional attitude towards every customer.

Hayselden VW back on Barnsley shirt Barsley

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Hayselden VW back on Barnsley shirt Empty Re: Hayselden VW back on Barnsley shirt

Post by NorthRed on Thu 5 Jul - 6:10:16

This certainly brings the memories flooding back!! Standing on the Ponty before they ruined it and made it all seater!! Big massive moustaches on the players!! Them were the days!!
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