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Argentine Home 2014 World Cup Football Kit

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Argentine Home 2014 World Cup Football Kit Empty Argentine Home 2014 World Cup Football Kit

Post by sprock on Tue 19 Nov - 13:43:14

Adidas and Argentine Football Association have officially released the Argentina 2014 World Cup kit on November 14. Argentine national football team will wear this new kit for the first time in their fiendly game with Ecuadorian national team.

Argentina's passion, the most important flags and symbols of the country and the national football team, which are the most representative, are all reflected on this new shirt. The new blue and white striped shirt with a strong visual effect looks as the flag of Argentina waving in the wind.

The badge of Argentine national team on the shirt's chest is constantly evolving, the golden badge retains the essence of elegance, the blue and white underlay makes the core part more prominent and has more native characteristic. The new kit is completed with white short and white blue striped socks, which cuts across the traditional and looks more modern.(Source:
Argentine Home 2014 World Cup Football Kit 14argentinahome4

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