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R.I.P Sir Henry Cooper

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R.I.P Sir Henry Cooper Empty R.I.P Sir Henry Cooper

Post by pkt_drfc on Mon 2 May - 7:37:24

Legend R.I.P.

Boxing legend Sir Henry Cooper dies aged 76

Boxing legend Sir Henry Cooper has passed away at the age of 76 at his son's house in Oxted, Surrey.

The former English, Commonwealth and European heavyweight champion fought 55 times and is revered for his knockdown of Muhammad Ali in 1963.

London-born Cooper, who won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year twice, was knighted in 2000.

Alongside Frank Bruno, Tommy Farr and Lennox Lewis, Cooper is considered one of the best all-time British boxers.

Despite enjoying a hugely successful career, he never won a world title and retired in 1971 after losing to Joe Bugner.

Sir Henry is best remembered though for his two famous clashes with Ali in the 1960s.

He floored Ali in the fourth round with 'Enry's Ammer' - his trademark left hook - but Ali eventually won the 1963 non-title fight at Wembley.

Ali later said on British television, that Cooper "had hit him so hard that his ancestors in Africa felt it".

Ali triumphed again when they boxed three years later but Cooper remained a favourite with the British public
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R.I.P Sir Henry Cooper Empty Re: R.I.P Sir Henry Cooper

Post by yorkie64red on Mon 2 May - 7:40:43

Thats a shame....always remembered him from those adverts he did for brut aftershave...RIP....

R.I.P Sir Henry Cooper Animationavataranimated
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R.I.P Sir Henry Cooper Empty Re: R.I.P Sir Henry Cooper

Post by thefullback on Mon 2 May - 23:37:45

Our 'Enry a real gentleman
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R.I.P Sir Henry Cooper Empty Re: R.I.P Sir Henry Cooper

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