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Here's my say about our current situation...

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Here's my say about our current situation... Empty Here's my say about our current situation...

Post by RedNinja on Thu 22 Mar - 7:51:21

We've over achieved for 5 seasons, done better than a lot of clubs with much better finances, who in fact got relegated to League 1 in these 5 seasons: Norwich, Leicester, Leeds, Sheff Utd, Southampton.... Not sure if I've missed anyone there?

However, most of these clubs have come back up from League 1 much stronger, Sheff Utd are about to do the same... I know we're a smaller club than these mentioned clubs and have poorer finances, but when you look at our players - A lot have been taken from lower leagues and are likely on lower wages which wouldn't effect us bad if we were in League 1, but is this what we need to do to have a good season in the Championship instead of struggling season upon season? Go down then come back up? It'd require Barnsley fans to fully back their team all the way through the League 1 campaign to get the confidence back up, and to be honest I can't see that happening, the only thing I can see happening is people leaving Oakwell forever.

Unlike a lot of posts I'm reading I'm not saying sack Keith Hill, why? BECAUSE THERE IS NO ONE ELSE CAPABLE OF THE DAMN JOB WHO ACTUALLY WANTS IT, it's a case of if he can't, nobody can.
We were doing extremely well earlier in the season because we had good players with flair; Butterfield, Drinkwater and Vaz Te, but every time we find good player like this a 'bigger' club snatches them from us!
It's up to us fans to give Keith the opportunity to manage our team next season so that he can then spend the summer finding replacements for a lot of the team.

So what if we do stay up this season, (Which I'm still confident we will) is it going to get better next season? I don't think so, it hasn't changed for the last 5 seasons in this league.
The only thing I can put my hope on of there being a change in what we do season after season is this new rule of club spending coming next season.

I'm fed up of seeing us sack manager after manager though, and then unsettle our team even more, also, we are a job no manager with Championship or Premiership experience wants, like it or not, that's the truth.
And yes, I am saying regardless of if we happen to get relegated, Support Hillcroft!
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