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All aboard the League One express!

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All aboard the League One express!

Post by Barnsley-James on Fri 28 Dec - 0:32:34

Club's given up...apathy now reigns at Oakwell and we are sleepwalking to relegation.

After 7 seasons in the Championship and having spent the majority of our history in the second tier, it looks like League 1 now beckons..22 games to go and we've only won 5 matches in our first 24 games!

The 2 - 1 win at Millwall could have been a turning point but normal service was resumed at home to Birmingham. Only 9,000 in attendance yesterday when only a few years ago 14,000 - 15,000 used to turn up for the Boxing Day matches but who's gonna pay £28 to watch a team who have won 9 matches in the whole of 2012?

The only consolation is that at least there'll be some new grounds to visit next year. Can't remember the last time we played Cheltenham, Shrewsbury etc...

Ahh well, u reds!

Pride Of Yorkshire

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Re: All aboard the League One express!

Post by NIGHTMARE on Fri 28 Dec - 1:02:10

should just close the club down, and build a top class dog track where oakwell is with a casino TGI IMAX massive sports bar and a hooters built into it, theirs no call for a football club in towns like ours any more, people don't want one its time to rip the ground down and start again, with things people will use



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Re: All aboard the League One express!

Post by hoolahoop on Fri 28 Dec - 2:36:16

We should join up and have one 'super' club to compete with the other bigger Yorkshire clubs.
I wouldn't give up yet the Wendies have turned things around slightly as have the Posh............I was looking forward to playing you once again in the Championship. Sad

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Re: All aboard the League One express!

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